Free analysis of negative and negative feedbacks

Free consultation and drafting letter of recommendation

We don’t dream up feedbacks, but we take them during interviews with your customers, posting them on the Internet only after their agreement.That’s why our feedbacks reflect the actual state of things and help in the promotion of your business.

What are we doing?

attach additional psychological value to products and services

attract new consumers if they choose between functionally similar products or services

attract more qualified employees to the company and increase the work satisfaction of existing staff

increase the effectiveness of advertising and sales, provide support for distributors, ad agencies, suppliers and business partners

We will help to create a positive image and reputation of your company on the Internet. 

GoPress has a multifaceted approach to the work, that allows you deal with search results as efficiently as possible, and displayonly positive information about you in all search engines seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.You will no longer have to talk to clients about negative feedbacks about your company, as they will only find positive information in search engines and in person, they will wish to cooperate with you.

Positive reputation is the key to your success!

Reputation Management

We manage your reputation, creating the prestige and positive image of your company, which allows it to be attractive in the minds of your clients..

Reputation protection for business and public figures from dark PR

We help to neutralize the negativity of your ill-wishers and competitors, building the protection of companies and public figures from dark public relations.

Reputation PR

We help you build positive company reputation, which is not only a guarantee of the full functioning of your business, but also one of the main factors of attracting customers.


We monitor the mentions and feedbacks about you and your company. Based on this analysis, we build a work strategy.

SERM services

We help manage the company's reputation on the Internet.As a result, only positive information is displayed about your company in the search engines, and the negative one is being replaced.

Our services

Effective end-to-end solutions

Monitoring the company’s info field

Monitoring customer pages onthe RuNet websites, blocking them from the incoming negative.

Forum Communications

A special package of services for those who are just starting to build or improve a reputation on the Internet.

Press Releases

Writing and distributing press releases about your company's events on the Internet.

Content Marketing

Writing and distributing articles about your company and brand on popular websites.

Media Publications

Integration of information about your company and brand into theYandex and Google news.

Business and corporate blogging

Business and corporate blogging is an important part of the reputation and image of any company.

Op-ed on the news site

An important tool for increasing the prestige and reputation of a person is the own op-ed on a popular site.

SERM - search engine reputation management

Promotion of reliable information on the Google Top

Responding to feedback

Monitoring negative feedback on the Internet helps companies to havea productive dialogue with potential clients and those who complain.

Social Networking

Social networks are a powerful tool in shaping public opinion about the company, services, products, and brand.

Reputation is created by people

And our company creates such people.

SERM Services

All-in-one solutionfor the analysis, monitoring and removal of negative feedbacks on the Internet.


$ 99/month.
Demonstration of the advantages of our work, which allows you to get acquainted with our capabilities and choose the most suitable package for you


$ 299/month.
The optimal range of services for small and medium-sized businesses, private entrepreneurs



$ 499/month.
A wide range of services focused on big business, as well as on those who are faced with informational pressure of competitors


$ 999/month.
A special set of services to create the image and positive reputation of the politician in society and in the voters’ eyes

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About Us

Customer feedbacks are the best proof of our work

In our branch, the Kyiv market is extremely saturated with a high level of competition.To consolidate their positions, many participants areemploying dirty tricks.We have been also faced with such a demonstration of competition.Our competitor ordered feedbacks defaming our reputation, and posted them on several sites.Previously, we have not faced such a problem, so we decided to contact the specialized agency GoPress.We ordered a set of works, and the first stage was the removal of all negative reviews.The GoPress work allowed us not only to remove the negative effect from feedbacks, but also to get additional marketing campaign for our company.

It just happened thatmy last name is assonantwith the name of the company. Because of this, when trying to obtain information about my activities in the search engine, users received a hash from various kinds of sites not related to me.I managed to solve this problem thanks to the work of the GoPress press service. These guys did everything: prepared and published materials, and made a promotion campaign. Every month I pay a monthly fee. I do not mind spending money, as I managed to maintain the confidence and support of my voters.

Market competition is a very bad thing.After becoming a victim of an information attack by competitors, I began to think about closing my business.But as the old saying goes: If it weren't for bad luck have no luck at all.With the help of GoPress, I managed not only to recover my market positions, but also to multiply them.I was very pleased with the customer approach,the speed of their workand veryaccessible weekly reports. For today, there is no negative info about my companyon the Internet. I continue to cooperate and I believe that the GoPressservices are necessary for your business existence.


SERM – is a high-qualityimprovement of your company's reputation on the Internet using SEO resources 

SERM - services - are a set of selected measures aimed at advertising and promoting the brand, creating a positive reputation on the Internet. 

SERM - reputationmanagement helps to form a positive opinion about your company among potential customers.Its use helps not only to effectively and qualitatively build a strategy to combat the negative, but also to form the desired effect in the search results.

SERM-management reputation helps to generate the search engineresults so that the target audience has more confidence, and the recognition of your company increases.

Based on the results of our work aimed at improving the reputation of the site and promoting the brand, your potential customers begin to see only positive feedbacks and reviewsabout your company, which greatly increases the possibility of choosing it from a many of competitors whose reputation is getting lower on the Internet.

The reputation management is very important both for companies and for private entrepreneurs, as it allows them to grow and develop, qualitatively increasing the number of sales.

Why the removal of negative info on the Internet is so urgent today

Firstly, the reason is that today almost all information about a person or a company is available on the Internet. This makes it possible for dishonest businessmen, and sometimes even for scammers to manipulate public opinion. It is enough to publish one or two articles with fictitious facts, and one can forget forever about a person's career or the company's prosperity. Is there a way out when competitors simply killed your name? Of course, there is.The real positive feedbacks about the company are the first step towards the recovering of the company’s reputation.Positive information about the company, which is confirmed by the facts, is a weightier argument than the simple lie.Removing negative reviews on the Internet can correct the situation. Unfortunately search engines cannot separate the truth from lies, but ... the negative reviews can be removed!The best option is to use SERM reputation management technology, which includes the whole complex of actions aimed at deleting negative info about a person, company, service or product in the search engine results.Search Engine Reputation Management or SERM services in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, as well as numerous positive feedbacks will help to get rid of the negative, which can become a huge problem.It is important to note that deleting reviews on the Internet is a complex procedure that requires both time and physical strength.

Positive Reputation

Today, the formation of a positive image on the Internet is vital for every company, and competent reputation management influences the success of your business.If reputation management is not maintained at the proper level, you lose most of the potential customers, so it is very important to ensure the effective creation and management of reputation for your company on the Internet.Different reviews aboutyour company does not always belong to customers, and can be written by ill-wishers, or your competitors.Therefore, the reputation of the company can change continuously under a lot of reasons, so it requires a competent strategy, and a well-structured work for its maintenance. TheGoPresscompany will help create a positive image and enhance the company's reputation on the Internet.The image management on the Internet includes many aspects, including writing reviews, placing them on the most visited websites, working with negative information and publishingpositive feedbacks.We have a lot of experience in shaping the company's image, which allows us to identify the negative in time and to withstand it as effectively as possible.As a result, your company will only have a positive image in yourcustomers’ eyes. 

Responding to Feedbacks

Our company has a lot of experience in responding to negative feedbacks on the Internet.We work with the target audience on the most visited websites, which helps to react in time to all references to your company, and to shape your positive image in the eyes of your potential customers. Also, timely response to negative feedbacks helps to maintain a positive image of your company in the eyes of those customers who already cooperate with you, and keep them from cooperation with your competitors.We offer effective strategies to combat the negative on the Internet, which will help neutralize its effect.The result of our work is improving the credibility of your company, which directly affects the increasing in the number of customers interested in your services.We carefully monitor the sites with reviews, as well as the mentions of your company on the Internet, which helps quickly and effectively respond to negative feedbacks, not allowing their distribution. In turn, the current information about your company is always in the TOP-10 results of search engines.